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La Saporita gift box


La Saporita contains the authentic tastes of Molise. Salty and delicious, it perfectly combines the unique flavor of our caciocavallo and a surprise cured meat from Molise. It is a mouth-watering gift that will let you live an intense tasting experience. The sweet aroma of the caciocavallo, which becomes tangier when aged, meets the rich flavor of the cold cuts made in Molise in a burst of salty flavor. Available gift bags: Classic small, Elegant small. 



  • A 1,2 kg Caciocavallo 
  • A cold cut made in Molise
  • Gift bags: Classic small, Elegant small
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La Saporita Di Pasquo


Enjoy Molise local delicacies.

Because of popular demand, we created a cheese gift box dedicated to Molise. It contains typical cold cuts and cheeses made in Molise, including Di Pasquo’s caciocavallo, one of our signature products, and a hand-picked selection of high-quality, local cured meats. An original and tasteful gift bag.

Try the sweet taste of our short-aged, semi-cooked-curd cheese along with the salty flavor of cured meats from Molise. Enjoy a unique and flavorsome Italian tasting.

If you love tangy and intense aromas, the practical twine tied around our caciocavallo makes it perfect to be hung easily, in the cellar or in a cool place, to extend the ripening process. The older the cheese, the more the pungency.

If you are looking for authentic and genuine tastes, La Saporita is your box.


Di Pasquo's recommendations

Caciocavallo is a semi-hard cheese. Eat it at room temperature to better enjoy its unique taste.

Additional information



  • Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s MILK, enzymes, rennet, salt
  • Age: 30 days to 12 months
  • Milk origin: Italy
  • Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Safe for pregnant women. Vegetarian friendly. Gluten-free.
  • Naturally lactose-free


Small gift bag


Dimensions: 16+15,5×26 +5 cm
Kraft paperboard
Color: Sand
Design: Di Pasquo printed logo



Dimensions: 16+15,5 x 26+5 cm
Materica paper
Color: Dark brown
Design: Di Pasquo embossed logo

Bollo CE IT 14 085


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