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La Friabile gift box



The perfect gift for those who love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. La Friabile includes all the essential ingredients required to bake buttery and crumbly Xmas cookies. Flour, sugar, churned butter and a funny cookie cutter are the perfect allies for a remarkable Xmas party. La Friabile comes in two different gift bags, Classic small and Elegant small. Pick the one you prefer.



  • A 500 g bag of flour
  • A 150 g bag of sugar
  • A 250 g block of churned butter
  • A Christmas cookie cutter
  • Gift bags: Classic small, Elegant small
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La Friabile Di Pasquo


Awaken your Christmas spirit with Di Pasquo’s cheese gift boxes.

La Friabile is aimed at baking lovers. It includes all the necessary ingredients for baking tasty and genuine Xmas cookies. It is a useful gift that will let you enjoy your Xmas time with your loved ones and bring joy into your home. The gift bag contains high-quality products hand-picked by our experts, namely a bag of flour, a bag of sugar, and a block of Di Pasquo’s butter. To make things more special, we also included a beautiful Xmas cookie cutter for shaping your buttery creations. 

The churned butter is made from quality cow’s milk whey creams produced in our dairy. The traditional churning process gives our butter a superior quality and more flavor while preserving its nutritional properties.


Di Pasquo's recommendations

La Friabile can be used to bake butter cookies with or without eggs. Have a look at the following recipes and give them a try:

Additional information


Churned butter

  • Ingredients: cow’s MILK whey cream
  • Milk origin: Italy
  • Storage conditions: store in the fridge (temperature range +0/4°C)
  • Shelf life: 60 days
  • Safe for pregnant women. Vegetarian friendly. Gluten-free.


Small gift bag


Dimensions: 16+15,5×26 +5 cm
Kraft paperboard
Color: Sand
Design: Di Pasquo printed logo



Dimensions: 16+15,5 x 26+5 cm
Materica paper
Color: Dark brown
Design: Di Pasquo embossed logo

Bollo CE IT 14 085


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