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L'Agnonese gift box


One of the best typical products from Agnone, Caciocampana, packed in simple yet elegant gift bags. L’Agnonese is an original way to share a piece of Agnone with your loved ones. The small bag is available in both Classic and Elegant versions.



  • A 1 kg Caciocampana
  • Gift bags: Classic small, Elegant small
  • SKU:

L'Agnonese Di Pasquo


Our cheese gift boxes tell the history of our dairy, a history of good taste, love and high quality. They are always well-appreciated by those who receive them. 

Entirely made from Italian pasteurized cow’s milk, Caciocampana is the symbol of our hometown, Agnone. It is a semi-cooked, stretched-curd cheese with a sweet and mellow taste. It has the same semi-soft consistency as caciocavallo and is characterized by mild and soft aftertones. 

Its bell shape is inspired by the well-known bells made in Agnone for over a thousand years. It is a tribute to our cheese- and bell-making tradition, starting from Di Pasquo cheese factory to the Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli, a foundry committed to the production of high-quality traditional bells.


Di Pasquo's recommendations

Caciocampana is a perfect pair partner alongside cured meats and vegetables. You can eat it fresh, at room temperature, or grilled.


Additional information



  • Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s MILK, enzymes, rennet, salt
  • Age: 8 to 12 months
  • Milk origin: Italy
  • Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Safe for pregnant women. Vegetarian friendly. Gluten-free.
  • Naturally lactose-free


Small gift bag


Dimensions: 16+15,5×26 +5 cm
Kraft paperboard
Color: Sand
Design: Di Pasquo printed logo



Dimensions: 16+15,5 x 26+5 cm
Materica paper
Color: Dark brown
Design: Di Pasquo embossed logo

Bollo CE IT 14 085


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