Semi-ripened and aged cheeses


Young and old cow's milk mature cheeses


Here at Di Pasquo’s dairy, master cheesemakers produce top-notch pasta filata cheeses made with quality Italian cow’s milk. Every day, from milk, rennet and salt, we produce a wide range of cheeses with different aging periods and a refined taste. Our specialties are aged under controlled conditions from a few days up to 1 year.

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The use of healthy and nutritious raw materials and the manufacturing experience of our cheesemakers result in tasty and safe-to-eat dairy products appreciated by an increasing number of cheese lovers. Also, the pasteurized cow’s milk makes them a safe food choice for pregnant women, for people with celiac disease and babies.


Di Pasquo’s aged cheeses

As a cheese ages, it develops more flavor and a harder yet denser texture. Its savor is strongly influenced by the aging environment and it generally goes from sweet and delicate when young, to spicy and sharp when getting older. According to your tastes, you can then go for different ripeness and flavors. 

Some of our aged cheeses also incorporate spices, truffle cream or other ingredients enriching their flavor. In our collection, you can find extra-ripened cheeses, pepper and smoked ones, truffle cheeses, and many others. 

Sweet and melting, scamorzas, caciottas, Montagnone and Caciocampana are some of our young and semi-aged cheeses. The shades of taste of the flavored cheeses and the spicy hints of the hard-ripened cheeses such as the Tufone complete our offer. Our ripened cheeses are also available in a delicious grated Italian blend.

No matter your taste, we have a great selection of mature cheeses ready to win you over.

Our ripened cheese selection includes:

  • grilling scamorza and provola, aged for a short period and perfect to be grilled;
  • burrino, a small caciocavallo filled with butter;
  • Mild, semi-ripened and extra-aged caciocavallos;
  • Standard and truffle semi-ripened caciotta;
  • Caciocampana, Montagnone and Tufone, Di Pasquo’s signature products and typical cheeses of Molise.

Let our authentic Italian aged cheeses conquer you.

Still looking for something? Let’s have a look at our complete line of fresh dairy products and cheeses.

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