Fire-heated mark


Di Pasquo's quality and tradition


The fire-heated mark Di Pasquo – Agnone is the tangible imprint of the dairy art we have been nurturing with passion for over 60 years. A recognizable sign that celebrates the skills and experience of our master cheesemakers and our homeland, Agnone. A signature that we love to put on our aged cheeses as a guarantee of quality, tradition, and origin.

Fire branded on the rind of our signature products and imprinted in the eyes and hearts of our customers, the fire-heated mark identifies our original cheeses, making them recognizable everywhere. Wherever you see them, the fire-branded Caciocavallo and Tufone will always grab your attention.

A mark of Origin

The mark consists of an oval circle with the words Di Pasquo and Agnone on the inside. The two words are separated by a horizontal line. On the top, we see the word Di Pasquo, on the bottom the word Agnone.

Our identification mark aims at being as simple and impactful as our genuine tastes.

Fire branding

After thorough quality controls, we hot iron brand only the cheeses that fully comply with the production specifications. The fire-heated mark is applied by hand using a branding iron.