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Let yourself be conquered by the authentic and genuine flavor of our dairy specialties made only with controlled quality milk and support #madeinitaly :it:

Caseificio di Pasquo, fresh and aged cheeses from 1956

Three generations of traditional cheesemaking, the art of milk hardwired in our DNA.

Di Pasquo’s Caciocavallo – Agnone, Italy

Let’s taste the most iconic semi-hard stretched curd cheese of Molise.

Between tradition and modernity

Discover with us how cheese is made and enjoy a visit and a tasting in Di Pasquo’s ancient cheese cellar.

Caseificio Di Pasquo, a women-led dairy firm

Di Pasquo dairy was born of Nonno Ciccillo’s foresight and his love for milk. Since its humble beginning in 1956, the key presence and the constant support of strong and restless women made the difference in the Caseificio Di Pasquo history. Thanks to their contribution, the firm soon became a well-renowned pride of the dairy production of Alto Molise. In Caseificio Di Pasquo the company and the family are one. Nonna Tina, Mamma Amelia and her four daughters, Donatella, Debora, Fabiola, and Martina together with Nonno Ciccillo and Papà Lorenzo are central figures in the history of the dairy, a family history made of three generations of hardheaded men, strong women and top-quality stretched curd cheeses with a unique taste. A history of dedication and consonance that made the Di Pasquo – Agnone brand one of the symbols of the Molise cheesemaking tradition all over the world.

The perfect mix between craft and tech

Our cheese factory is the natural expansion of the handicraft cheese-making lab opened by Nonno Ciccillo in 1956. It was a small workspace where our grandpa crafted fresh and ripened cheeses made with 100% Italian milk coming from farms in Alto Molise. During the years, the craft quality and the success of our dairy products led to the steady growth of the brand and, thus, to the extension of the dairy factory. That’s how Caseificio Di Pasquo became a modern and effective company capable of turning more than 25k liters of Italian cow’s milk into healthy and tasty fresh and aged cheeses every day.

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Here at Caseificio Di Pasquo, the improvement and digitization of the company’s facilities go hand in hand with the refinement and preservation of the ancient cheese-making techniques inherited from the Molise dairy tradition. The timeless know-how and manual skills acquired in over 60 years as master cheesemakers come from the milk processing skills of transhumant shepherds handed down for centuries within the families in Agnone. The deep knowledge of dairy techniques and the boundless passion for cheese allow us to produce quality gastronomic specialties with a unique taste. Most of Di Pasquo’s products are handmade by professional cheesemakers according to the art of making cheese that made Agnone and Alto Molise well-known in Italy and abroad. The fire-heated mark Di Pasquo – Agnone applied on our signature products guarantees the high-quality of the product. It is a mark of origin that has been distinguishing our specialties for three generations, making them highly recognizable. It is an indelible mark in our hearts and in the hearts of our customers. Experience the quality and tastiness of Di Pasquo’s cheeses and get ready to fall in love with them.

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Our flagship dairy products

Caseificio Di Pasquo, fresh and aged cheeses Made in Italy

Caseificio Di Pasquo is a dairy company specialized in the art of producing Italian dairy products, fresh and aged cheeses according to the traditional cheese-making techniques of Alto Molise. Our catalog of dairy products includes a wide range of fresh, semi-mature and aged cheeses Made in Italy. All our products are available for sale both online and in our dairy store, and for tastings in our ancient cheese cellar in Agnone. With over 2,500 customers and 25,000 liters of Italian milk processed per day, we are capable of supplying dairy specialties to consumers, distributors, restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, merchants, retailers and mass retailers both in Italy and abroad. Besides quality production, we also offer effective and functional logistics based on a company fleet of refrigerated vehicles, which allows us to reach our customers all over Italy, always ensuring the maximum freshness of the products delivered. Di Pasquo’s online catalog includes a large list of dairy products and cheeses made with cow’s milk from trusted Italian farms. The milk we use is 100% pasteurized, meaning that it is free from impurities and has excellent nutritional qualities. It is safe for everyone, even for pregnant women and babies. Whether you’re looking for fresh varieties, semi-firm, or reserve ones, our online store has exactly what you’re looking for. From burrata, stracciata, stracciatella, burrino, mozzarella balls and shredded mozzarella to scamorza, provolone, flavored caciotta, spreadable and creamy cheese, grated Italian blend, first salt cheese or cheese with truffles, you named it. You can find all our dairy products in our online store, in our dairy store in Agnone and at our authorized resellers worldwide. An honorable mention goes to Caciocavallo, Di Pasquo’s flagship cheese hand-made by a dedicated production staff composed of master cheesemakers with years of experience behind them. Di Pasquo’s caciocavallo is available in different ages and flavors. You are free to choose between mild caciocavallo, cave-aged caciocavallo, caciocavallo with truffles, flavored, smoked, or truffle ones. It always looks good and tastes good. Experience the unique taste of Di Pasquo’s fresh and aged cheeses. Their authentic and genuine taste will overwhelm you.

Contact us, we are glad to help

In case of any needs or to become an authorized reseller, please, feel free to call us or fill the form. Our team willprovide you with the required information. Phone: +39 0865 79275 Email: If you are in Italy, come and visit us from Monday to Friday. Address: Zona Artigianale Giovanni Paolo II, 5 – 86081 Agnone (Isernia) – Italy. Opening hours: 08:00 am – 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. (Italy Time, CET)

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