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Guided tours, for students an unforgettable lesson

Although still face some pranks, spring has come. The days are longer and, although temperatures are mild (sometimes fresh), the sun illuminates our days. In Conclusion: we all have less desire to stay at home or in the office closed; for children it is more difficult to remain in the classroom and, also for this, schools and teachers organize educational and guided tours outputs.

IMG_6401bAgnone, these days, It is often colored by garish hats, coordinated; rivers of backpacks and rucksacks that fill the main roads. Bus stop from which they come out in thick schoolchildren from nearby towns and no.

Only to the Dairy Of Pasquo, Guests were about eighty. Of these, Fifty students were enrolled in primary and secondary schools.
On Tuesday afternoon 19 April, 35 students (enrolled in the Elementary and Middle School of Roccaspinalveti) They have come to visit our factory. As usual, It was traced the supply chain.
The various steps involved especially the youngest who remained kidnapped by the size of the silos of milk storage, by pasteurizing and the production line of fresh.

The next day, Wednesday 20 April, Instead we hosted a school group from the Institute of Comprehensive Castiglione Messer Marino. The association IAM (several times featured on these pages) has once again organized the Milkend, after the success of the past. Thanks to this tourist-educational project so 15 Children paid a visit to our dairy before observing grazing led by Carla Forte, expert naturalist. IMG_6419b
Also this time the kids enjoyed the tour, a trip backstage of products such as Caciocavallo, la Scamorza, i Bocconcini e la Ricotta; products, questi, who find every day on the table (and soon to be also in all schools, as provided by directive European).

"It is congenial initiatives to the needs of digital natives," said a teacher. "They are accustomed to the immediacy but also to the touch, interact. They are accustomed to the media that, come and, It stimulates more parts of the brain. educational tours like these, then, for their being multisensory, They are easily transformed into a set of knowledge that can hardly be forgotten '.


For information on tours and visits, you can contact us through our Facebook page, send an email to: or call 086579275.

Amarcord: that of coffee cream was made of ricotta cheese ...

"I have read the post on"bread and cottage cheese"And I was reminded of a particular time of my youth," said Maria, Agnonesi faithful reader who wanted to share with us his memories. The editors of the blog, always looking for stories, ha ascoltato con piacere la storia di Maria, facendo un salto nel passato.

Una cartolina di Agnone reperita dal gruppo Facebook "La Memoria fotografica di Agnone"

A postcard of Agnone retrieved from Facebook Group “The Agnone Photographic Memory”

The seventies had just overlook. Agnone had about 7000 inhabitants duly registered, ai quali andavano aggiunti tutti i non residenti, crowding pensions and the "boarding schools". Our charming town, to time, also it boasted a wide and varied range of shops, artisans and much more.

Maria had just 10 year old, his older brothers a few years, and he lived in a house in the center, a few meters from bars scattered; these were selling, as it happens today, also ice cream. However, says Maria, ad Agnone i gelati “arrivavano” nei banchi frigo solo a Pasqua, generally when the temperatures became warmer. No one would ever want to buy an ice cream in December ... anyone but a child.
Younger, It is known to all, They do not know the "seasonality" of products and food. In the summer you may have wanted hot chocolate, a gennaio un ghiacciolo. Therefore: how to do it if no one was selling ice cream?

La risposta è semplice, fast and economical. "We just needed a glass, la ricotta, coffee and sugar. Then mingled with everything, "said Maria, eyes smile when caresses the sweet memory with memory.

20160324_CDP_Crema al caffè

We have prepared the cream, following the recipe of Mary. The result was excellent!

And that was out of this mixture?
"The result was a sort of mousse flavored coffee. It was a gelato homemade, with little expenditure of energy and, especially in economy. Basic was a coffee cream, like those that today we consume at the bar tables ».

Perciò, maybe, it was snowing outside and inside of you used to eat your ice cream with ricotta ...
"Exact. Generally it was my sister Arianna to prepare it for all. I remember that very often my friends were at home, and we spent the afternoon in front of the fireplace to warm us as we rinfrescavamo with coffee cream. Lo so, It is nonsense but we had 10 years…".

Do you ever feel like your coffee cream?
«Certo! Every time me and my brothers, we make it even. a taste, if only to remember that simple things you can do very much ".

Very true, bread and cottage cheese. Il momento amarcord di un nostro lettore

it is defined sensory memory, that process - so to speak - that allows us to remember the events of the past through the scents, the flavors and so on. It is auditory stimulation, tactile, olfactory, visual or taste that allow you to dig in our memory and re-float passed anecdotes or moments of our lives. It can happen to get into a car, smell the scent of a "Magic tree"And remember the journey from Agnone San Salvo aboard a Fiat pr_swf_2610_arbre-magique-rosa-selvatica-800x600cPanda Young scassata, with your aunt who was firing at full volume Mina. Or, it is possible that looking at a simple ricotta slice you can make a flight in the past and this is the case of our reader, reading the post on five things you did not know about cheese, He has decided to share with us his time amarcord.

He was often, when I had 4 o 5 year old, I had to spend the afternoon at my grandmother's house. My mother and father were at work and my sister and we were left with grandmother. We spent those hours in the kitchen, sitting at a table coloring, do homework or watch a bit 'of TV, in his company.

All 5, when my sister usually had finished their homework - despite my many "ambushes", his debut with grandmother: "You are hungry? We do Twinkie "?
A quel punto, the answer could only be positive and she sought it in the kitchen to prepare something.

I remember coming out of the kitchen with two plates in hand. At the center of the white dish, with a gold border and an orange flower on one side, there was usually a slice of bread accompanied by olive oil and tomatoes or other.

10583049_601495213284485_87556178136226197_oOne time, it was snowing outside and a blizzard was raging. That day were not there just me and my sister, but also some of my cousins ​​in Rome and a couple of their friends, born and raised in the capital. It was a little 'later than usual and on TV, Cristina Parodi, Verissimo was about to conclude when we saw come out from the kitchen grandmother with a huge flat (o, almeno, to time, There seemed huge). Grandmother, with the background of "Voices of Spring"of Johann Strauss Jr, He approached the round table and placed on the table a tray of slices of bread and cottage cheese, with a sprinkling of salt.

All avventammo us on the scope and, in seconds, the first slice was already brushed. We were going to attack and take the second when Gianni (one of the boys in Rome, ed) said: "I never thought about eating bread and cheese in the afternoon"!

My grandmother smiled and said,: "See how many things you can do with a little 'Ricotta, a slice of bread and a bit 'of salt? Other than snack! With a pair of these per day, You know how to grow good "!

IMG_5505I met him again recently Gianni. I was in Rome, a few steps from St. Paul metro station. I had heard my mother on the phone and he was telling me to bring in Agnone heavy jacket because they were going down dramatically temperatures. By chance, I saw John get off the bus 766 and I went to greet him. "Where are you going"? He asked me.
"I do a home jump, chiudo la valigia e torno a casa per una settimana».
"Then can I ask you a favor '?
"I riporteresti a little ' ricotta? I know that some stores sell here to Agnone but are distant from where I am '.

A week later, I brought ricotta and Gianni told me: "This afternoon I sparerò two slices of bread, cottage cheese and salt ... how did your grandmother '.

Ricotta, 5 things you did not know the cream cheese oldest in Italy

There are foods that are part of our daily lives and almost underestimate them. Open the fridge and find them before your eyes, in a plate.
them take, Put them well at the table, without getting too many questions. However, occasionally, you will ever ask yourself: but where does? Who invented the?
Today, therefore, we have decided to reveal some secrets of a cheese (and more precisely a dairy product) which is closely linked to our history and our tradition: ricotta.

ricottaHere are the five things you probably did not know about cheese.

1) History and origin
What many people ignore it is that ricotta has its roots even at the time of the Ancient Romans, popolazione – questa – che coniò il termine “Recotus” ovvero cotto nuovamente. The origin of the name, in fact, to be found precisely in its production: heating (and then annealing, ed) del siero residuato dalla caseificazione.

2) And lean protein: the perfect match
Contrary to what you say, Ricotta is not only a top protein product it is also a dairy product skinny, with an extremely low lipid level. This feature makes it suitable for all diets. Among the ricotta, the leanest, is the one vaccine followed by sheep and buffalo, which happens to be the fatter. ricotta

3) Religion and agriculture: the Madonna of Ricotta
It's always been a strong connection between agriculture and religious faith is no doubt, however,, yet few know that the farmers, in the years of transhumance, They began the cult of the Madonna of Ricotta. Apparently, the shepherds from Abruzzo and Molise were wont reach Puglia, Carlantino, where it was allowed to graze cattle for free; our ancestors in exchange left a tribute to the church of Our Lady near the small field. The custom would have "converted" the holy, the Madonna of Ricotta. A Carlisle, il 24 maggio, Madonna is still honored, similarly to what happens in Pietracatella.

4) Ricotta, European cheese
We have already spoken of the "Latin" origin of Ricotta, however we have not mentioned the spread of this creamy dairy product. Indeed, not only there are different types of cheese, depending on the region in which it is produced, but it is a European cheese. La ricotta viene prodotta anche in Francia (where it is known comesérac), in Germany (known with the name of Ziger), in Grecia (called myzithra or anthótyros), a Malta (ricotta), in Romania ( and it is considered a traditional product called Urda) e, at last, in Spagna (curd).

7ricotta5) It is simply delicious
To be spread on bread or that it is served in a starter or used to stuff the inside of fresh pasta and rustic, This dairy product is always great… but you already know, we're sure.

many names, many uses, countless memories
As we saw Ricotta is not only an Italian prerogative. It is a dairy product "humble" that is part of our past and they are connected to many memories as well as many recipes. Of this, however, we will talk further.

Turismo, il Caseificio Di Pasquo ospita i lettori di Viteliu

AGNONE – Sono accorsi numerosi i lettori di Viteliu, giunti in città per visitare i luoghi del romanzo storico, che sta facendo riscoprire la storia dei Sanniti.

“Viaggio nei luoghi di Viteliu”. Questo è il nome del pacchetto ideato e promosso da Nicola Mastronardi, autore del romanzo, che ha organizzato un tour nel Sannio molisano, alla scoperta di tutte quelle location descritte nel libro – che racconta il passato di un popolo che resistette ai Romani.

Il pacchetto, infatti ha condotto i visitatori all’avanscoperta dell’odierno alto Molise con una serie di visite guidate che hanno portato i partecipanti a conoscere le ambientazioni che si incontrano nella narrazione. Esperienza, questa, impreziosita dalla emozionante lettura in loco degli estratti dal romanzo che, perciò, ha quasi preso vita alla presenza dei fan.


However, i fortunati villeggianti non solo hanno avuto modo di vedere punti di interesse come il Santuario della Nazione Sannita di Pietrabbondante o di ammirare i panorama mozzafiato dell’hinterland, bensì hanno avuto anche la chance di conoscere le tecniche di fusione del bronzo e di venire a contatto con la tradizione pastorale. A tal proposito, perciò, non poteva mancare una capatina nella nostra cantina, cavò del costume caseario, dove Lorenzo ha raccontato le fasi della lavorazione del latte concentrandosi sugli storici utensili che his father aveva utilizzato a lungo. DSC_0061

La Zangola, la caldaia in rame e lo spino sono solo tre degli strumenti che hanno incantato gli ospiti del caseificio che successivamente si sono spostati nel locale di stagionatura naturale dove hanno ascoltato una lezione sulla produzione di latticini e stagionati.
Buffet "Sui luoghi di Viteliu"A questo punto, perciò, dopo aver tanto sentito parlare di formaggi, non poteva mancare un assaggio dei prodotti che sono stati serviti in un ricco buffet, accompagnati da salumi, rustici e pizze. Il tutto arricchito da un buon vino rosso. Per finire, un dolce a base di ricotta preparato da Fabiola, nostro responsabile per la sicurezza alimentare.

Positivo il feedback dello scrittore che ha commentato: «Questa è l’ulteriore conferma che se il nostro territorio viene rappresentato sotto un tema accattivante, suggestivo e soprattutto che lo caratterizza, la persone non solo vengono a visitarlo ma tornano a casa con entusiasmo e diventano le principali promoter. Finora abbiamo avuto ben undici scolaresche che, dopo aver letto il libro, hanno deciso di venire a conoscere il Sannio» ha continuato Mastronardi. «Infine, durante il gruppo del week-end appena conclusosi altri appassionati hanno scoperto l’alto Molise. In Conclusion, il libro comincia a creare appeal» ha concluso l’autore.

Sui luoghi di Viteliu

Per troppo tempo, il nostro territorio è stato vittima del mordi e fuggi. Now, finalmente, pacchetti come questi iniziano ad incentivare una forma più completa di turismo che permette di venire a contatto non solo con la storia e la natura ma anche con quello che è il territorio oggi e con il suo variegato settore primario e secondario.

Per la galleria completa clicca qui…