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Recipe: Focaccia Rustica with spinach and Caciocavallo

Sometimes it takes little to discover a new dish or to win an unexpected prize. It happens that it is sufficient to use the same social-network (Instagram) and have the same passion to make friends, find help for dinner or earn

Focaccia rustica con spinaci e Caciocavallo

rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo

two inputs for one of the most distinctive tour of the high Molise.

This is the history that unites our dairy with the food blog author "The Liberte Kitchen"Who recently chose to share with us and with our readers and interessane a tasty alternative to the usual autumn dinners.

Are you fed up of the usual slice? O of the omelet obvious that you trimmed every Wednesday, almost like a doctor's order? Okay, Today we offer a solution that Free, foodblogger, He has posted on his page: rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo.

Ticket Gratis per ricettaA real delicacy that we have decided to reward. Indeed, Today our friend well will receive two free tickets for the tour "Pasquo in the Cellar"Who will fly back in time our guests. Participate in the tour is easy (Here all information on ingredientsi) and try to win an entry is really easy. Per cominciare, send us a recipe, as did Free.

Intanto, get inspired by our friend focaccia.
Enjoy your meal and good luck.

Recipe: Risotto al radicchio Trevigiano e Tufone

Le feste e le celebrazioni natalizie stanno volgendo al termine. Domani l’Epifania tutte le feste porterà via così i nostri cari faranno i bagagli, si rimetteranno in macchina e torneranno alla quotidianità.
Presto, le vacanze saranno solo una pagina del fitto diario che è la nostra vita e, ripensando a questi giorni, ricorderemo solo le risate, le tombolate, i dolci e le scorpacciate.

Risotto al radicchio Trevigiano e Tufone

Risotto al radicchio Trevigiano e Tufone

Non possiamo, perciò, chiudere questo dolce e lieto capitolo natalizio con un piatto scontato. To celebrate the last holiday of January so we propose a Risotto al radicchio Trevigiano e Tufone, una curiosa e stuzzicante ricetta pubblicata da Angela, titolare del blog Jump in Frying Pan that, dopo aver provato il nostro Tufone, formaggio stagionato in grotta di tufo, ha deciso di preparare questo magico piatto e di condividerlo con i suoi lettori.

Eccoci qua, perciò, a regalarlo a voi!
Se volete farci avere un vostro commento, you can do so by writing a post on our wall Facebook, taggandoci your Instagram or sending an email

Che altro possiamo dirvi?
Enjoy your meal!



Recipe: Parmesan potatoes with ham and cheese

Christmas has just passed and everyone would eat to no end. Typical dishes, family recipes and traditional will definitely finished on our tables, at Eve, Christmas or St. Stephen's when we gather with our families, to share a moment of conviviality.

However, we know, the festivities can not be reduced to just days red sparkle on our calendars; these are the weeks when we abandon every good intention, forget the diets and we put ourselves at the table to get together with friends and relatives. Regardless of the calories, we put ourselves in the kitchen and we have fun, preparing delicious dishes and tasty. We want to impress our guests, we want to make unforgettable moment, crystallized in the mind of Parmigiana di patate con prosciutto cotto e caciocavalloHe decides to sit down for lunch or dinner with us. Perciò, we decided to give a pearl blog Jump in Frying Pan.

Angela, a young food blogger, decided to use our Caciocavallo to prepare a Parmesan potatoes with ham and cheese, a dish that we hope you can enjoy in the coming days. Should you wish to let us have your feedback, you can do so by writing a post on our wall Facebook, taggandoci your Instagram or sending an email to:

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe: Meatballs with heart bacon and Caciocavallo

146e1fe47573ed94e1a40700e317736fWe can say: Christmas is not far away. Anzi, with the last snowfall, There seems almost on the doorstep. We look out the window and see the whitewashed village. Although at the moment it's sunny, the whiteness abundant makes us feel pampered. In Conclusion, Agnone is so: with the approach of December 8, the Immaculate Conception and the 'Ndocciata, Christmas feels.

It is in the air, before appearing in all its flashing lights, Santas pendants and so on ... The Christmas I feel in my heart when there are not just the typical family meals but there is also an opportunity to meet again with old friends, play bingo after a dinner in a few, with the fire that keeps us company. Are magical moments that deserve equally magical dishes so prepare the blog has decided to give you some advice, suggesting a recipe that will allow you to use our cheeses in an innovative way. pol

To design the dish was the food blogger Giuseppina Tester that, some days ago, on his The kitchen of Pinarella published: “Meatballs with heart bacon and Caciocavallo“. We therefore can not help but redirect you to their page (which you can visit by clicking here) and ask, if you want, let us have your feedback. Send us your comments, su facebook, taggateci on Instagram. In Conclusion: tell us your, if you want even just sending us an e-mail to:

Enjoy the reading, have fun and enjoy your meal.