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For this Christmas's present with joy and forgiveness

After much pawing, after waiting for a long Christmas has arrived. Struck midnight on Christmas Eve will inaugurate the long-awaited weekend. As of now long rows of drivers will put at the helm to reach their native lands, climbing the hills of Abruzzo and Molise.

merry-christmas-126-1920x1200The night will fall short and will shine colored lights and illuminate the streets of towns like Agnone, places where the holiday season have a different flavor. From tonight on the asphalt of rooms generally reflect lights, generally dark windows will emanate a faint yellowish light. A few more boccheggerà chimney smoke and tomorrow morning we could see some countryman who is distressed at the last minute to decorate their homes.

Tomorrow will always be that 'Ndocciata will return again to warm the night before. A procession of 'ndocciatori will march and will dance with his flashlight delighting the eyes of those present who will crowd the sidewalks, almost as if to prepare for Christmas. In front of those flames we'll dancers to what lies ahead, to dinners with loved ones, to families, the laughter. Even better, to enjoy every moment with those who are our loved. And this is what we should do, live with this spirit the holidays. Forget everything that makes us bitter and give us forgiveness and joy.

Merry Christmas!

‘Ndocciata 2016, un grazie a tutti gli Agnonesi

15109386_769022616569489_7507247752510912108_nAgnone, 12 December. It has now completed the long-awaited weekend of the Immaculate Conception, a weekend full of events which saw between the protagonists altomolisana town, its traditions, its flavors, its beauty.

a ponte, to 8 December, which counted numerous presences particularly in conjunction with the ‘Ndocciata, twenty years after the edition in Vatican City, under the eyes of the then Pope John Paul II.
To enrich the stay of tourists and vacationers, markets, exhibitions, tastings, concerts and musicals that were the backdrop to 'Ndocciata; the manifestation, according to estimates ofEco dell’alto Molise, He would attract around 30thousand spectators, unleashing rightly the enthusiasm of the institutions and all the actors involved.

It is in this climate of general satisfaction that we want to thank everyone who has helped make possible the 'Ndocciata to the schedule of the weekend fire. institutions, police, but also traders and entrepreneurs. Tutti, but everyone, we were in some fundamental way. They must be spending a couple of words for fellow citizens who have chosen to decorate their homes and addobbarle in sight Numeri della ndocciatathe big parade. The could Agnonesi taking it easy and instead, come sempre, have chosen to switch on the Christmas lights a few days before, to create the right climate (and not only, as one might object, to participate in the challenge of the Town Hall). Are always the Agnonesi friendly people who often have provided the information to tourists; and they are the ones who assembled the Agnonesi 'Ndocce and have paraded. They are the people who became the guardian of a tradition and that is that they do it Agnone. Not to boast, not for personal income. It's for pride, It is respect for history, the tradition of their ancestors.

And then in the midst of this sea of ​​thanks we can not forget to thank them: the Agnonesi.

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‘Ndocciata 2016: record numbers and a terrific program

AGNONE - There is an air of festivity in the village where the whole community is preparing to 'Ndocciata 8 December. The edition high expectations 2016 twenty years later from St. Peter's Square parade.

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]The final countdown to 'Ndocciata has already begun for some days; City Hall, administrative staff, Pro Loco, touristic guides, traders, imprenditori, restaurateurs and hoteliers are almost ready to the important flow expected for next weekend. According to Eco High Molise, in fact, the prospects for the edition 2016 would hope. 140 camper, 10 pullman, It sold out in the hinterland and accommodation 100 men (including law enforcement and volunteers) operating on the territory. In short, a show that large, Moreover, It will be placed in a busy schedule of appointments.

Programma Ndocciata 8 dicembreIl 7 December It will be officially opened on competition "Agnone turn on the Christmas lights" by the municipality and the Pro Loco. L’8 December, in addition to the event Prince, two direct streaming proposals from the portal, appointments that - in addition to broadcast live the 'Ndocciata - see as guests of the organizers' Ndocciata, local institutions, regional and area entrepreneurs. Among these also Lorenzo Di Pasquo, Director General of Dairy Of Pasquo, present to direct the 17.00.
Starting from 22.00, on stage at the Teatro Italo-Argentine musical Every Man Simple, he had already done in the past sold-out.
All 16.00, il 9 December, San Fracnesco Palace will host the conference "The dragon that never dies" held by Professor Mino Gabriele and subsequently, all 21.00, il Maestro Piero Mazzocchetti direct the Christmas concert in the Teatro Italo-Argentino.
Infine, il 10 December, Piazza Plebiscito will host a tasting of typical products and dishes with musical entertainment.

At this diverse range unite the lucky dip in the small Church of the Capuchins (from 7 to the 9 December), the markets in Piazza unification of Italy (from 7 all’11 December) and the numerous tour. Among the guided tours "Di Pasquo in cantina", the gastronomic and cultural tour sponsored by Dairy Of Pasquo.


‘Ndocciata. – 3 a day that we wait like children

Agnone, 5 December 2016.
It is difficult to maintain the objectivity and therefore today, so as not to disappoint, We renounce their every attempt.

We woke up this morning festive, aware that even if it was Monday this was one of the weeks we look forward to more. Missing are three days a much-awaited ‘Ndocciata: a torchlight procession along the main street of our town. A parade of ancient origins that with time has become one of the symbols of Agnone.

In 1996, for example, this rite of the fire came to St. Peter's Square, illuminating the Vatican CITY and bringing warmth into the hearts of those present and 'Ndocciatori, representatives of an area that strongly defends its cultural heritage.

The next 8 December will be spent twenty years edition which had among its viewers also Pope John Paul II; two decades in which has changed a lot but - fortunately - something has remained unchanged as the joyous and festive atmosphere with the Immaculate approach Concezione.C'è adrenaline and all of us quickly smuoviamo; It is working frantically to make every corner of our most welcoming town; the owners of the stores decorate windows, municipal workers set up the lights, the radio came the first musical notes.

There's Christmas air and is not that fake climate that reigns in superstore. that atmosphere is not fake designed to boost sales. It is not a commercial artifice. It is pure, as real as the joy of a child on the morning of 25 December.

Yup! Agnonesi We are a nation of children. Scalpitiamo night and beat us strong heart when those 'Ndocce dance before our eyes. And while the first colored lights begin to glow on the balconies, we can not help but be inspired and enjoy every single moment of this countdown.


Antonio: "The 'Ndocciate of my childhood were more' humble ''

Accensione delle 'NdocceThe ‘Ndocciata It is certainly one of the oldest rituals and felt in Agnone. Just do a quick Google search to discover the origin and development through the centuries. In fact, it is a continuously evolving tradition which continued to remain in the hearts of citizens. The editorial department has collected the testimony of Antonio, Agnonesi octogenarian who asked not to be named

"When I was little the 'Ndocciata was different," began Antonio. "My family lived in the country, as perhaps the most Agnonesi and we celebrated this rite less pomp ".

Would you care to better explain?
«Certo! Today 'Ndocciata is a famous ritual that brings in tourists and visitors to the country but before it was something our. Voglio dire: hardly anyone would come to Agnone for 'Ndocciata ".

Foto Di Danilo Di Nucci - Le iridi digitali

bonfire Finale .
Photo Of Danilo Di Nucci – Irises digital

Today this ritual of fire is a real show while years ago the 'Ndocciata there was only one ...
"Exactly. From 1996, if non error, appointments were split but originally the 'Ndocciata was one and kept the 24 December, to Eve. Ad ogni modo, I have to admit it: It is proud to see that all should come here to enjoy Agnone and 'Ndocce. It's nice to share with tourists and holidaymakers all this. ».

This is certainly an event of which we are proud. There, however, intrigued: as celebravate this rite?
"I lived in the countryside, in the districts of Agnone and I did not go to the country on the day of Christmas Eve. Come me, most of my neighbors so that lit a fire, outside each cottage ».

When they were hanged bonfires?
"After dinner, midnight agro Agnonesi began to color. All families lit their bonfires and the city the show was even more distinctive '.

Un gruppo di 'Ndocciatori volteggia in cerchio per il pubblico. Foto Caseificio Di Pasquo

A group of 'Ndocciatori whirls in a circle for the public. Photo Dairy Of Pasquo

"It was like the countryside around the town became a big birthday cake with dozens of candles lit. The hills were beginning to shine ».

So today the lights, Yesterday the fires ...
"Exactly. Ad ogni modo, when I think of Christmas of my childhood are not the fires the sweetest memory ».

Do Not?
Do Not, no. The best part, per me, It was the next day, at Christmas. All went to church, and, of course there were no cars. The churches were only in the country and then there was all together along the sheep tracks that connected the village to the districts. It was like an immense pilgrimage ".

At the end of the function it was going on the same ...
«Certo. In fact even at night, when they lit fires, there were people in the street. Maybe that's why it was nicer: there was a sense of different communities. It felt united. United even in the coldest hours of the night, when the winter cold froze the fields and the woods that surrounded our homes'.

Di Pasquo in cantina: a spectacle of music and tradition

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Agnone, 8 December 2015.
It's 18.36 e la ‘Ndocciata It is about to get. The main course of Agnone is teeming with people crowding into the barricade in order not to miss a single detail. Soon the candlelight vigil will heat and light up the streets with a play of light and flames astounding the curious from neighboring states and from distant cities as much as it continues to fascinate Agnonesi, who never lost this show.

In cantina, to the Caseificio Di Pasquo, visitors - realizing time - begin to rush to the exit. They thank us and greet us. They buy some cheese to take home for friends and family and leave our museum to join the audience. There is almost silent when an unusual group of visitors down the stone stairs to reach us. Dressed as shepherds of yore greet us cheerfully. They are pipers and want to dedicate some songs.

It is not unusual to Agnone, or at least to the south, meet them in the street when Christmas approaches. The pipers are part of our cultural heritage, however, see them play in the alcove of our history, a few centimeters from those tools Ciccillo He used to start the company has marked us. that concert – dedicated to us, al sommerlier dell’Ais Molise and to those guests who had followed the call of the music sneaking in the basement, we will never forget. And we hope to see again.


E tu?
Have you ever visited our winery? review your experience or Ask for More Information and book a tour.

Recipe: Focaccia Rustica with spinach and Caciocavallo

Sometimes it takes little to discover a new dish or to win an unexpected prize. It happens that it is sufficient to use the same social-network (Instagram) and have the same passion to make friends, find help for dinner or earn

Focaccia rustica con spinaci e Caciocavallo

rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo

two inputs for one of the most distinctive tour of the high Molise.

This is the history that unites our dairy with the food blog author "The Liberte Kitchen"Who recently chose to share with us and with our readers and interessane a tasty alternative to the usual autumn dinners.

Are you fed up of the usual slice? O of the omelet obvious that you trimmed every Wednesday, almost like a doctor's order? Okay, Today we offer a solution that Free, foodblogger, He has posted on his page: rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo.

Ticket Gratis per ricettaA real delicacy that we have decided to reward. Indeed, Today our friend well will receive two free tickets for the tour "Pasquo in the Cellar"Who will fly back in time our guests. Participate in the tour is easy (Here all information on ingredientsi) and try to win an entry is really easy. Per cominciare, send us a recipe, as did Free.

Intanto, get inspired by our friend focaccia.
Enjoy your meal and good luck.

New logo for the 'Ndocciata: IAM launches challenge to creative

AGNONE - A competition of ideas for the design of a logo that identifies the ‘Ndocciata, annual event that attracts more and more the audience. This is the last of the initiatives carried out by 'Associazione IAM with the sponsorship of the City of Agnone and the tourist office.

Un gruppo di 'Ndocciatori volteggia in cerchio per il pubblico. Foto CDP

A group of 'Ndocciatori whirls in a circle for the public. Foto CDP

Dozens and dozens of torches (of the weight of 8 pounds each) annually illuminate the main course of Agnone. 8 and 24 December, the town is gathered on the sidewalks observing this river of fire dancing, crackles and heats the two cold winter nights. An ancient ritual that Witch and enchants the audience (Agnone and not) to the point of also being repurposed outside of the common. Made history editions of Assisi, the Vatican City and Milano when the format has found success viewers completely unaware of the origins of the event. In Conclusion: the 'Ndocciata like you're Agnonesi or not.

'Ndocciata dall'alto, 2 (foto di Guerino Trivisonno)

'Ndocciata top, 2 (photo Guerino Trivisonno)

There's no need, then, to dwell too much with boring marketing explanations to show that, given the success of the event, in a world of very great importance to the images, today it is necessary to represent this historical tradition with a quick and iconographic means: one logo.

But who will design this logo? Who will create it?

These are the questions that this Association IAM, that has always worked to promote the territory altomolisano, He has responded with an ideas competition open to all. The objective? Devise an identification mark for the candlelight vigil in the coming years. Sponsored by the City of Agnone and the Proloco, the IAM guys have therefore launched a graphics challenge, creative and artists so that they can put on a project intended to represent one of the most important events Agnonesi.

It is indeed an unmissable chance for professionals (fellow citizens and not) that, thanks to the notice (downloaded from the IAM website, proloco and Praetorian from the register of the City), They have the opportunity to undertake a major challenge. Become the parents of a brand that will make history, will open other doors to 'Ndocciata - which can also be conveyed through an identifier element most immediate - and would definitely be a stage for participants. There are no excuses: there is not a single reason not to participate.


2015, our year in brief

Diploma di benemerenza conferito a Lorenzo Di Pasquo

Certificate of merit awarded to Lorenzo Di Pasquo

Il 2015 is, by now, running out and it is time to look at the big picture. The days follow each other and it is hard to keep track of what happens. We are too busy living in the moment so, anno dopo anno, when Eve approaches, We do the typical step back and look at our picture pointillist. Now all the dots, put together, depict something. Draw smiles, represent tears, sforzi e successi. In front of that huge canvas made of breaths, sighing, grida soffocate ed urla di gioia non possiamo che tirare le somme di questi 365 days of corporate life.

Okay, this is what we will do today, trying to tell you about our "year in brief".

In February, our general manager, Lorenzo Di Pasquo, He received a prize awarded by the Chamber of Commerce. Vincenzo De Luca, Central Manager for International Affairs Country System - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lorenzo gave to our recognition for its 25 years of continuous activity, a quarter of a century in which the company has made great strides.

TuttoFood foto gruppoA few weeks later, con la pergamena ancora arrotolata in ufficio, ci preparavamo al TuttoFood, uno dei saloni enogastronomici più importanti al mondo. Since that March, They have started a series of mechanisms that have led to the launch of this blog and to a number of social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Google + e Youtube, che si andavano ad aggiungere al già presente Facebook.

Rapidly, also they flew these three months and our company found itself leading the Pavilion the dairy. Il TuttoFood He opened the doors and the efforts of our sales, marketing and communication were rewarded with a massive number of visitors in our exhibition space have known the high Molise, its culinary tradition, the dairy industry and our brand.

Lorenzo Di Pasquo a "Sì viaggiare"Returning to Milan, we prepared for a summer full of surprises, where we received several visits to the cellar and we participated in several events that have brought us even on screens It Traveling, subject headings of Tg2. Ma non finisce qui!

212826644-0ba5ab42-7a46-418c-ba03-44f516d8e9aaIn September, when the Expo saw the Ndocciata e the 'ndocciatori parade on the canals of the dock Milan, abbiamo inaugurato una sponsorship che ci ha visto e ci vede collaborare con un team di giovani molisani impegnati a creare, through sport, a community of Molise in Milan. Thanks to Calciocavallo, we could organize a party in Milan, as well as carrying around the name of the territory on the football field in 7 lombardi.

To conclude this magical year, He thought the December Agnonesi, a month in which we saw our magical town back to shine under the lights of the 'Ndocce; during the weekend of December 8, as honored guests Bianca Maria Locatelli, ci hanno onorato della loro presenza, paying a visit to our cellar and listening to our story, as well as those of other entrepreneurs, in a conference, They presented the backbone of the local economy.

Inaugurazione Fotoracconto 'Ndocciata Milano

Inauguration Photostory 'Ndocciata Milan

Now, here we look at all this work, these successes. We are with one foot in the past and one in the future. Il 2016 It will be the year in which our company will turn sixty. We are at the beginning and we are sure you will not want to miss this show so we invite you to follow our blog, our company and to subscribe our newsletter per scoprire cosa succede in città e qui da noi.

Thanking you for being there close, we just have to wish you a happy new year!

A presto.

‘Ndocciata: chronicle of a magic that enchants the world

AGNONE, 8 December - I'm a little past 18, our cellar empties a bit 'and we can leave for a few minutes the store. We decide, perciò, to profit. The 'Ndocciata is about to begin and we would like to tell our readers witness the magic of a torchlight that illuminated the Vatican City (in 1996, ed) e la Dock Milan (lo scorso 26 settembre, ed).


The 'Ndocciata begins to warm the town

The first thing we do is look down the backstage of what will be a historic event. This year not only will attend the local and regional institutions but also Biancamaria Locatelli, responsible of Milan Expo in city, It will enjoy the show.
From New Town Park you can enjoy a great view: We can assist in all that precedes the parade. The Ndocciatori, wear 'Ndocce, adapting to your body, sistemandosele best. Team leaders are around warily checking that everything is ready, as a general of an army before the battle.

Accensione delle 'Ndocce

Lighting the 'Ndocce.

We go down the hill and we mix in the crowd. The Ndocciatori talking to each other, helping, joke and laugh. A little further down, driving dance is about to begin. Suddenly, a dull roar and rhythmic surprises us. We follow the sound and we are assisting power of 'Ndocce. Some men with a kind of flame thrower incendiano the torce, setting fire to brooms protruding scattered. Just little bluish flame and turns into a yellow fire that launches crackling sparks flying.

At that point the 'ndocciatori, wearing heavy hoods (coats wheel, ed) down, begin to walk.

The procession is impressive and everyone is fascinated. It begins with some set: children dressed as shepherds, girls leading tine and baskets with sweets. There is color in the lead in this' Ndocciata: also some guys of the project Sprar parade to highlight integration required and needed. Follow, then, the 'ndocce. Before groups by a single torch, then two, four and so on until you get to large radiant crowns by dozens of torches.

Un gruppo di 'Ndocciatori volteggia in cerchio per il pubblico. Foto CDP

A group of 'Ndocciatori whirls in a circle for the public. Foto CDP

However, not only the number or the immensity of the last 'Ndocce (the largest, ed) to amaze the public. But it is the collaboration and the game that is created when, Thus in both di, groups' ndocciatori meet in circles fiery rotating. In quel momento, heatwaves invest the audience, influencing the public, spellbound, applauds and encourages those figures only by royalty and inimitable.

Foto Di Danilo Di Nucci - Le iridi digitali

Photo Of Danilo Di Nucci – Irises digital

In the background, solemn music accompanies the movements of the 'ndocciatori who continued their parade to reach Largo Sabelli. Qui, They turn to the right and after a few meters reach the final bonfire. All 'Ndocce are made to burn in front of a crowded group of spectators who gather around the immense bonfire, enjoying the warmth. It is striking to note that the majority of people with both eyes on the sky. A hive of dancing sparks up. Clash, chase, exploding together, merge and split.

This is the magic of a show that attracts attendance, television, giornalisti, photographers and writers. This is the magic that a people, our, preserves and shares with the world. And this fire that melts: past, present and future.