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story: Snowfalls and secret snacks

I must have been seven or eight years. It was an ordinary day of February and it was snowing outside. I woke up knowing that over the balcony of the room there was a sight to see. When I was born sui monti, the winter you veins and you understand that from under the covers if "has

Una cartolina di Agnone reperita dal gruppo Facebook "La Memoria fotografica di Agnone"

A postcard of Agnone retrieved from Facebook Group “The Agnone Photographic Memory”

resting "or not. That morning I knew: pompons that had made me smile, when I had been in bed, They had not been a sprinkle. It remained to discover the secret: schools were open?
I got out of bed and put on her slippers, I peeked between the blinds. I was right.
I catapultai into the kitchen and found my father and my mother. My sister had breakfast and there were no cartoons on TV. C’era Telemolise. Tutti, in silence, We expected that the anchorman said: "Schools closed in ..."

After a long wait, based news of which I understood nothing, They spit out the names. Agnone was. Me and my sister jumped for joy while my older brother snorted: "E nooo! If schools are closed securely not make me do the driving license examination '!
He was not interested. I had to get changed and go out to play. So I began to drink my hot milk and fantasizing about what I would do but my mother interrupted me: "Then, you do not go to school but you have to go to Grandma. Because Dad and I work and Marco - at this point - goes back to studying, considering that, if it is not today, Tomorrow we have to go to school and 'I'm five to Latin must disappear. So we go get dressed grandmotherly ".
"But I want to play in the snow ..." I protested.
"And we granny games with Andrea and Elisa" replied Mom. "Even if you do not see them rarely, they are still your cousins. Aunt and uncle are not parties to the bad weather so play with them ".
"Okay," I surrendered.

We reached my grandmother's house, where I found my cousins ​​are ready for the morning of games waiting for us. We walked, sliding the bob, for several hundred meters before reaching the descent that time we had tried.
In my cousin Andrea, a few years older, the arduous task of crushing the snow and to inaugurate the track. About the space of half an hour we were ready. We began to slide and climb, to challenge us to see who capottava after, those who arrived more far.

It was almost noon when we were now all four sweaty and wet. We went back to my grandmother's house and explained that "precisely just can not wait for lunch did". She was taken aback and instinctively month skillet on four slices thick Caciocavallo. He waited on scottassero and laid him on bread.
"That I can give. But do not say anything to Mom or Aunt. What if you do not eat ... "she admonished us smiling.

The deal was done, the agreement signed. Near the fireplace we put out to dry shoes. Meanwhile, warm clothes were ready on the chairs. we changed, We ate the secret snack and went to the table. A few hours later we were on the road again.


Amarcord: that of coffee cream was made of ricotta cheese ...

"I have read the post on"bread and cottage cheese"And I was reminded of a particular time of my youth," said Maria, Agnonesi faithful reader who wanted to share with us his memories. The editors of the blog, always looking for stories, ha ascoltato con piacere la storia di Maria, facendo un salto nel passato.

Una cartolina di Agnone reperita dal gruppo Facebook "La Memoria fotografica di Agnone"

A postcard of Agnone retrieved from Facebook Group “The Agnone Photographic Memory”

The seventies had just overlook. Agnone had about 7000 inhabitants duly registered, ai quali andavano aggiunti tutti i non residenti, crowding pensions and the "boarding schools". Our charming town, to time, also it boasted a wide and varied range of shops, artisans and much more.

Maria had just 10 year old, his older brothers a few years, and he lived in a house in the center, a few meters from bars scattered; these were selling, as it happens today, also ice cream. However, says Maria, ad Agnone i gelati “arrivavano” nei banchi frigo solo a Pasqua, generally when the temperatures became warmer. No one would ever want to buy an ice cream in December ... anyone but a child.
Younger, It is known to all, They do not know the "seasonality" of products and food. In the summer you may have wanted hot chocolate, a gennaio un ghiacciolo. Therefore: how to do it if no one was selling ice cream?

La risposta è semplice, fast and economical. "We just needed a glass, la ricotta, coffee and sugar. Then mingled with everything, "said Maria, eyes smile when caresses the sweet memory with memory.

20160324_CDP_Crema al caffè

We have prepared the cream, following the recipe of Mary. The result was excellent!

And that was out of this mixture?
"The result was a sort of mousse flavored coffee. It was a gelato homemade, with little expenditure of energy and, especially in economy. Basic was a coffee cream, like those that today we consume at the bar tables ».

Perciò, maybe, it was snowing outside and inside of you used to eat your ice cream with ricotta ...
"Exact. Generally it was my sister Arianna to prepare it for all. I remember that very often my friends were at home, and we spent the afternoon in front of the fireplace to warm us as we rinfrescavamo with coffee cream. Lo so, It is nonsense but we had 10 years…".

Do you ever feel like your coffee cream?
«Certo! Every time me and my brothers, we make it even. a taste, if only to remember that simple things you can do very much ".