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rustic flatbread with spinach and cheese

Recipe: Focaccia Rustica with spinach and Caciocavallo

Sometimes it takes little to discover a new dish or to win an unexpected prize. It happens that it is sufficient to use the same social-network (Instagram) and have the same passion to make friends, find help for dinner or earn

Focaccia rustica con spinaci e Caciocavallo

rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo

two inputs for one of the most distinctive tour of the high Molise.

This is the history that unites our dairy with the food blog author "The Liberte Kitchen"Who recently chose to share with us and with our readers and interessane a tasty alternative to the usual autumn dinners.

Are you fed up of the usual slice? O of the omelet obvious that you trimmed every Wednesday, almost like a doctor's order? Okay, Today we offer a solution that Free, foodblogger, He has posted on his page: rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo.

Ticket Gratis per ricettaA real delicacy that we have decided to reward. Indeed, Today our friend well will receive two free tickets for the tour "Pasquo in the Cellar"Who will fly back in time our guests. Participate in the tour is easy (Here all information on ingredientsi) and try to win an entry is really easy. Per cominciare, send us a recipe, as did Free.

Intanto, get inspired by our friend focaccia.
Enjoy your meal and good luck.