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Trofeo Nord Padania, il Molise nei pacchi gara di atleti da record

VAREDO – Numeri ancora in crescita per il “Trofeo Nord Padania” che alla sua ventiseiesima edizione ha visto la partecipazione di 678 atleti iscritti membri di 82 team.

Il Trofeo Nord Padania, che quest’anno spegneva 26 candles, continua a crescere. A dimostrarlo sono l’aumento delle iscrizioni e le regioni di provenienza dei partecipanti. Per l’edizione 2017 in fact, l’organizzazione ha contato ben 678 nuotatori registrati in 82 squadre che provenivano dalla stessa Lombardia, dal vicino Piemonte ma anche dalla Liguria, il Trentino, la Toscana e la Campania, l’Umbria e addirittura la Francia.

Trofeo-Nord-Padania-StartNon entreremo nel merito, snocciolando le tempistiche della competizione ma sappiamo che sul podio sono salite la SMGM Team Nuoto Lombardia (44.846,09 points), l’Asa Cinisello (41.338,05 points) e Sport Management Lombardia (39.684,43 points). Inoltre, come accaduto in passato, sono diversi i record che sono stati segnati anche in questa occasione.

Potremmo citare il record italiano 100 rana segnato da Carlo Arturo Travaini (M50) oppure quello di Laura Facci Losito (M75, Rari Nantes Savona) che ha migliorato il record Italiano M75 dei 100 farfalla, strappando il primato a Zoraida Mijatov che lo ha detenuto per sei anni.

Grande soddisfazione anche da parte del team organizzatore che ha ringraziato gli sponsor per «la quantità e la qualità dei prodotti messi a disposizione per i pacchi gara». Tra questi anche il Caseificio Di Pasquo, azienda agnonese, che per il secondo anno ha messo a disposizione dello staff le sue Scamorze da Griglia.

«Crediamo da sempre nel marketing territoriale ed è per questo che abbiamo voluto marchiare a fuoco prodotti come Caciocavallo e Tufone. Siamo consapevoli che ognuno possa fare qualcosa per promuovere il proprio territorio e per questo abbiamo partecipato ancora una volta ad una gara che ha avuto luogo a chilometri di distanza» hanno commentato dal caseificio molisano. «Siamo certi che lo sport sia in grado di accendere i riflettori su piazze grandi e piccole. È una sorta di magia alla quale abbiamo potuto assistere da vicino, qui ad Agnone. E questo incantesimo frequentemente passa anche dai pacchi gara. Abbiamo voluto partecipare, anche se a chilometri di distanza».

Tv, Green line shows the corollary of Molise beauties


Linea_VerdeIt went on Saturday aired 18 March the episode of the Green Line dedicated to the Molise diversity, a region that - as demonstrated once again the program Rai - It has a lot to offer.

So Marcello Masi, Chiara Giallonardo and Federica De Money showed viewers the colors of a region that still has 3228 plant species (in Italy there are about 7550, ed). In Campobasso crew he met with students and faculty of the Professional Institute of Agriculture and the Environment creators and promoters of the project "Garden City", which aims to preserve the biodiversity of regional products.

The Molise black gold is not oil but the truffle (largely used to spice some dairy products such as Caciocavallo, la Scamorza, il Burrino e la Caciotta); In fact, we think that from the small central region comes the 50% the Italian truffle. Furthermore, the same Molise was awarded the "Guinness World Record" for the largest white truffle, for three consecutive years. Masi met so tartuficultori that collect underground fungus and transform it.

A Bagnoli, the troupe of Rai visited a herbal medicine center offering users therapies based on medical and natural native grasses; vegetations that have been employed in the kitchen chef Stefania Di Pasquo.

In the city, ad Agnone, the conductors of the national television network have visited the restaurant "Locanda Mammi" where the chef has proposed a typical recipe with vegetables and local cornmeal.
Linea_Verde_Scamorze_Caseificio_Di_PasquoSpeaking of food, then, He could not miss a trip into the world of street-food. Qui, to get under the Green Line cameras, was the van Cristian Leonardo Di Pietro - Agnone young entrepreneur - who decided to bring in some way typical dairy products. Tra questi, the Scamorza from Grid, il Caciocavallo, il Baby Dairy products from Di Pasquo.

Speaking of street food, then, The conductor has met another young entrepreneur: Marco D'Antonio owner Molise Street Food It led on the national TV "Panonta" a typical recipe of some countries molisani.

To stay on the subject of modernity, directly in Piazza Plebiscito - in the heart of Agnone - there was talk of hi-tec agriculture by hosting the startup "Flavors of Matese"That allows consumers to grow their own organic garden directly from your own home, with a smartphone, and receive the harvest delivered by a courier.

Andrea_Labbate_Linea_VerdeInfine, He could not miss a trip into the world of desserts. This explains the factory visit the Cremeria "Labbate&Mazziotta"In the heart of Agnone valley. In the laboratory of confectionery young Andrea, pastry chef, It showed the background of one of the typical desserts altomolisana town: la Bell.

Before this spectacle of nature, handicraft, alternative and traditional products care we paused to reflect on the many things to see, to do and enjoy in Molise. In Conclusion: We are lucky to live there (whatever they say) and you will, if you come to visit.
We wait!

Guarda l’episodio di Linea Verde.

story: Snowfalls and secret snacks

I must have been seven or eight years. It was an ordinary day of February and it was snowing outside. I woke up knowing that over the balcony of the room there was a sight to see. When I was born sui monti, the winter you veins and you understand that from under the covers if "has

Una cartolina di Agnone reperita dal gruppo Facebook "La Memoria fotografica di Agnone"

A postcard of Agnone retrieved from Facebook Group “The Agnone Photographic Memory”

resting "or not. That morning I knew: pompons that had made me smile, when I had been in bed, They had not been a sprinkle. It remained to discover the secret: schools were open?
I got out of bed and put on her slippers, I peeked between the blinds. I was right.
I catapultai into the kitchen and found my father and my mother. My sister had breakfast and there were no cartoons on TV. C’era Telemolise. Tutti, in silence, We expected that the anchorman said: "Schools closed in ..."

After a long wait, based news of which I understood nothing, They spit out the names. Agnone was. Me and my sister jumped for joy while my older brother snorted: "E nooo! If schools are closed securely not make me do the driving license examination '!
He was not interested. I had to get changed and go out to play. So I began to drink my hot milk and fantasizing about what I would do but my mother interrupted me: "Then, you do not go to school but you have to go to Grandma. Because Dad and I work and Marco - at this point - goes back to studying, considering that, if it is not today, Tomorrow we have to go to school and 'I'm five to Latin must disappear. So we go get dressed grandmotherly ".
"But I want to play in the snow ..." I protested.
"And we granny games with Andrea and Elisa" replied Mom. "Even if you do not see them rarely, they are still your cousins. Aunt and uncle are not parties to the bad weather so play with them ".
"Okay," I surrendered.

We reached my grandmother's house, where I found my cousins ​​are ready for the morning of games waiting for us. We walked, sliding the bob, for several hundred meters before reaching the descent that time we had tried.
In my cousin Andrea, a few years older, the arduous task of crushing the snow and to inaugurate the track. About the space of half an hour we were ready. We began to slide and climb, to challenge us to see who capottava after, those who arrived more far.

It was almost noon when we were now all four sweaty and wet. We went back to my grandmother's house and explained that "precisely just can not wait for lunch did". She was taken aback and instinctively month skillet on four slices thick Caciocavallo. He waited on scottassero and laid him on bread.
"That I can give. But do not say anything to Mom or Aunt. What if you do not eat ... "she admonished us smiling.

The deal was done, the agreement signed. Near the fireplace we put out to dry shoes. Meanwhile, warm clothes were ready on the chairs. we changed, We ate the secret snack and went to the table. A few hours later we were on the road again.


Recipe: Focaccia Rustica with spinach and Caciocavallo

Sometimes it takes little to discover a new dish or to win an unexpected prize. It happens that it is sufficient to use the same social-network (Instagram) and have the same passion to make friends, find help for dinner or earn

Focaccia rustica con spinaci e Caciocavallo

rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo

two inputs for one of the most distinctive tour of the high Molise.

This is the history that unites our dairy with the food blog author "The Liberte Kitchen"Who recently chose to share with us and with our readers and interessane a tasty alternative to the usual autumn dinners.

Are you fed up of the usual slice? O of the omelet obvious that you trimmed every Wednesday, almost like a doctor's order? Okay, Today we offer a solution that Free, foodblogger, He has posted on his page: rustic flatbread with spinach and Caciocavallo.

Ticket Gratis per ricettaA real delicacy that we have decided to reward. Indeed, Today our friend well will receive two free tickets for the tour "Pasquo in the Cellar"Who will fly back in time our guests. Participate in the tour is easy (Here all information on ingredientsi) and try to win an entry is really easy. Per cominciare, send us a recipe, as did Free.

Intanto, get inspired by our friend focaccia.
Enjoy your meal and good luck.

Week of regional cuisine in Brazil, Di Pasquo: «Team working for the promotion of the territory '

14714855_1309478655782679_3195997254684053662_oSao Paulo - has just finished the fifth Week of Italian regional cuisine in Brazil, food and wine event designed to promote regional excellence that was inaugurated in the presence of Antonio Bernardini, Italian Ambassador in Brazil. Representing the Molise this year the chef Stefania Di Pasquo. Among the products presented at the event also Seasoned cheese in tuff cave Of the Pasquo Dairy.

14753743_1309478659116012_7017896249614308943_oWere twenty restaurants in the Paulista capital to host as many Italian chef with the aim to propose to the Brazilian market the excellence of Beautiful country. From 15 to the 22 October, a delegation of professional chefs has put on display a range of selected products (coming from all the Italian regions) to facilitate their insertion in sectors, GDO and quality catering.

Representing Abruzzo and Molise, the chef Agnonesi Stefania Di Pasquo, who in recent months he had already occupied the same role at Expo.
Among the products promoted by the small southern region, Caciocavallo Seasoned tuff cave, produced by Dairy Of Pasquo - one of the few companies Molise authorized imports in Brazil.

14712559_1309478652449346_3360855344886925162_o"We have always been at the side of who is the organizer of initiatives that allow to Molise to be known and will continue to do so," he explained Debora Di Pasquo, responsabile marketing dairy company. "Events like the week of regional cuisine are to be encouraged because they allow all territories to emerge. We feel, therefore, to make the institution a regional acclaim who coordinated the operation, and in which Stefania, ancora una volta, had the courage to get involved, "continued the young. "In 2007 our company, which was included in the list of authorized importers, He participated in the Mission Government Regions in Brazil, an event that was not slow to give good results. And this time the event has respected the odds. All that remains, therefore, that promote team-working between professionals, Companies and organizations so that the Molise succeed in establishing itself globally ".

When you Caciocavallo “turning” dinner

UniversitàHere we are! It started the countdown for October, when many Agnonesi leave our town to places like Campobasso, L'Aquila, Chieti, Pescara but also Naples, Roma e Milano. Universities reopen its doors and the academic years beginning. Fleets of students so soon will gather in front of half-empty refrigerators wondering: “And I eat?".

Anyone who has lived alone in fact, sooner or later will have had to deal with the vexed question, perhaps returning from a long day of classes (or a particularly exhausting business meeting). Happen to get home, in those apartments paid to the cost of villas but half furnished with Ikea furniture and half with hanging decommissioned, so tired from not wanting even to prepare the old and usual pasta with tuna - the true 112 out of the middle seat.

caciocavalloIn these cases, where even the spaghetti aglio e olio fail, is the first-aid intervention of the mother to save us. Yes, because every good student has had a mother who pack, under cover of darkness, imbosca here and there vacuum products. That is how, unraveling the trolley, we find sausages, sausages and Caciocavallo. both Caciocavallo.

Offhand, when we rinveniamo steals, hidden as if you were to go through customs, we are furious ("I say: but if I told you not to put these things, because I always laden like a donkey '? We scream in the silence of the room). However, in those rainy evenings thank the anxious mother who misled us, promising to add nothing.

So armed with scissors open the sachet, we cut a slice of caciocavallo and adagiamo on bread. Capiamo che l’ansia di una madre ci ha salvato, che quel formaggio ci ha svoltato la serata. Sitting in that bare kitchen, with the tiles from questionable color, We devour our sandwich before fiondarci in bed with the laptop on the sternum, linked to Netflix.

Let's face: on autumn evenings that Caciocavallo is poetry. It's like an unexpected decline in December. It's like a shooting star in March. It is water in the Sahara. It is a dinner when otherwise we will be fasting.


Quel “Oh” che che stupisce ogni volta…

We are officially in September and should be completed in the first week of the month. August, with all its surprises, his new meetings, appointments cantina and events has ended and it's time to be a little 'home.

Yes, because the summer is beautiful and everyone look forward but then, at a certain point, after all the frenzy Agostini, there comes a time when we all need to go home. We feel the need to prepare for the autumn that will be, Autunnowith yellow leaves, Red creaking under our feet. Intanto, however, we are already riabituando the dreary, rainy afternoons.

Present Day, There seemed the perfect Friday for this state of mind. A Friday in September, which is slowly dragged with the practices that every day we find in a office at the beginning of the month. Some new customers to accompany the product selection, deadlines, a production that was silent ahead, as if not to be heard. And Then, they played at gate three buses have crossed the threshold of the property. On board there were twenty-seven Americans came to visit Agnone. They tried to tell us "Buonciòrno"Or" Hello "and onlookers were looking around; Then we made them "dress like surgeons' – They have told them – and they began to poke fun. After which the guide has quickly explained what they were going to see, He spoke of products such as Caciocavallo, la Tattered but also the Burrata and we saw them cross the threshold of the corridor that would take them into production, full of curiosity.

IMG_8202A quel punto, the door separating the hall from the lobby was closed and the office is plunged back into silence. In the false silence of all offices where there is always an undercurrent based ticking keyboards, computer fan in action, a phone that plays solitaire and fax machines that print the last document. The first day looks a mess but, poco dopo, that is silent. so yes: She had fallen silent again. No new voice that spoke English and no laughter. Only a team at work, each fixed on your screen until, again an explosion of sounds has raised us, breaking into local warehouse next to our seats.

Again: chatter, rustle of boots on the floor. The guide tried the attention of the group and yelled: "Now you will see a little 'what is safe from this company». It opened the maturing cell (which contains thousands of Caciocavalli) e… «Ooooh». A series of "Wow," they anticipated some shots in front of the sea of ​​cheese left there to mature.

It is always like this, they told us when we followed the first tour. I do not expect to happen but it's true. Every time you open that cell is instantaneous one "ooooohGroup ". Ovation that he could not but remind us of autumn. Because now we know: the season that will come shortly is the same but every year we always surprises.



Americans are rediscovering the Latin proverbs: In medio stat virtus

Un gruppo di americani visita la cantina del Caseificio Di PasquoDiscover that the Caciocavallo It is not produced with equine milk It was just one of the little lessons that our Canadian guests were able to learn today during a quick tour in our cellar. A morning that reminded us how important it is for Molise and Italy to work synergistically tradition and innovation.

It lasted just over an hour guided tour in our cellar maze, to discover the company's history and the dairy Agnonesi and altomolisana. After conclusion of the round in the Bells Foundry, twenty Canadians have in fact achieved our store where we told them about the origins of our company and talked about the production process. Qui, we then focused on the tools used in the past by comparing the processing steps with the current ones. IMG_7714

No denying that our guests were quite amazed when we explained that, in fact, production still respects the tradition and change (over time) were only material (Nowadays wood and copper are banned, ed) and the size. Clarified the reasons which do not allow dairies to use porous materials in production plants, therefore, we have made some comparisons of today's tools with their past ancestors showing that what is done in 2016 is the direct descendant of sixty operations ago.

And just talking about this, with our guests we agreed that it is the "conscious" update to allow territories such as Molise to grow. Stay connected to their cultural heritage (not restandone prisoners) allow all regional production companies to grow. So in the end we always knew all: as they say in Latin "In medio stat virtus"That virtue is in the middle. And then we have no choice but to honor our origins, tradition and use this to guide us towards a better future, brighter and prosperous.

Molise that there is no witch network

Imagine seeing your beautiful town captured by a skilled operator who perfectly captures the essence of the place you were born. Imagine seeing the green valleys, that make you fall in love every day, with a handful of clouds that cast shadows on the lawns. Think about how you would see this on the screen of your computer or your mobile phone. Breathtaking, no?

Cattura1And if this clip would gather some of the best things about Agnone? What it could mean that video for natives living abroad or at least too far away to be able to appreciate the beauty?
Albeit only widespread online, it would be a few seconds you nourish the soul and make you shiver. How do we know? Bellows, it happened.

It dates back a few weeks ago, the visit of the boys of "the Molisano" (a project designed to bring together and showcase all the beauties of our region). arrived in town to shoot a clip centered on Caciocavallo, Cheese that last year ended in the Top10 of the most purchased souvenirs, the creative group came to visit us. Il molisano

Result of this short tour so it a movie of 1 minutes and seconds, a series of images that have surprised the audience. A wide audience it has been in our home town, the pastures, and one of the symbols of our cuisine: il Caciocavallo. Obviously the comments poured in and a lot of it is curiosity also of all those who did not know the high Molise. It, at the risk of repeating ourselves again, and seem a little redundant, it became evident that the Molise like, fascinates, bewitches. So remember it does not hurt: we share the Molise, promuoviamolo. Molise does not exist because people ignore it. We do not allow that to happen again. We do not allow to be ignored!


Viteliù, Mastronardi presents his novel in Petacciato in the company of Agnonesi cheese

IS Viteliù the name of the historical novel, written by journalist Agnonesi Nicola Mastronardi, that will be presented tomorrow 25 June a Petacciato.

Viteliu-presentazione-Petacciato-locandina webViteliù, the historical novel debut of Nicola Mastronardi, immediately he made headlines when he finished first on the shelves of Italian libraries and the Samnites, that they had put a strain on the teams and Roman and had been erased from history in the era of Mussolini, They restarted to surface in the popular imagination. Someone had been able to give head to Roma Caput Mundi, and that people had lived in the lands that today in many ignore: Molise. It is from here that the author's narrative that described and reconstructed scenes of the past of which, however, it's still possible find track.

No wonder then if the writer is involved in a long tour that is bringing the Samnites on nightstands throughout Italy involving slices of increasing public. And tomorrow is additional stage of this caravan will stop in Petacciato.

Qui, il giornalista, invited by Proloco, He will present his novel. Starting from 19 the council chamber of the town of Molise will host the author, accompanied by clarinetist Agnonesi Vittorio Sabelli and the readings Adele Ferzano.

20150327_CDP_IMMAGINI_BLOG_Post del caciocavalloIn conclusion then a tasting of children products of that tradition that sinks its roots in the era sannita: came, oil, cheeses followed by dessert. Will therefore Cantina San Zenone, il Frantoio Marcucci to make taste wine and oil. As regards the cheeses, it will be there Caseificio Di Pasquo to make the test Caciocavallo, Seasoned that has always represented the Molise (so much that he was one of souvenir different packages at the end of last summer). He could not miss the dessert and then it will be another company Agnonesi to propose some biscuits: la Confectionery Carosella.

Events like these to allow the public to know all the souls of a region to be discovered: history, tradition, culture and gastronomy. A cornucopia wonder that from time to time leaving the audience speechless.