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The Company


The Company was founded in Pasquo 1956 by Francesco Di Pasquo buying a dairy. In 1968 achieves a workshop for the production of dairy products and caciocavalli. A few years later his son Lorenzo moved to the Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) to pursue their studies at the Professional Institute of Agriculture "Lazzaro Spallanzani" and in 1976 graduated "Expert Casaro."

The task of parents is now well assimilated by the young Lorenzo so that in 1978 takes over, finding wide acceptance in the domestic markets, recognized for quality and reliability. Important goal for the dairy is obtaining certification for the production of DOP Caciocavallo, in 1999.

To better meet the increasing market demand, the sole proprietorship take the form of a capital company, continuing to spend the name well known and well established Dairy Of Pasquo Srl.

After a period spent in the former headquarters of the city center the Dairy Of Pasquo Srl. moved during the year 2006, Zone P.I.P. of the municipality of Agnone building a new plant 3.000 square meters of covered area of ​​about 8.000.

In recent years it has been so enhanced the production by selling addressed to more channels, wholesale, delis and G.D.O, to suit the taste of the most demanding. How precisely in the tradition of this Company, quality certified and recognized by anyone who has access to them even once.

The strength of the 'company is the variety of dairy farming and cheese, using milk of excellent quality certificate.

Pasquo the genuineness of ... 'and' served!